Go Gareth!

Submitted by nancy on Wed, 11/14/2018 - 12:14

So, as most of you know, Gareth has been training in traditional Tae Kwon Do since he was 5½ years old (he is now 11¾ .....YIKES!)

At Tae Kwon Do, we have what is called "formal grading". These are the gradings where we are able to earn our next belt. They are a pretty big deal at the best of times. 

Last night Gareth hit a milestone with his training; he earned his RED belt!

Words cannot express how proud I am of this kid!

He has worked so hard over the last 3 months to be able to grade last night. He was expected to know all the techniques and stances he has learned up to this point, all of the patterns and four-directions he has learned for each belt (7 of each!), the interpretation that goes with each of the patterns, show that he was able to use his self-defense in appropriate ways, and answer the oral questions for his current rank. 

It is a lot to learn and remember! The fact that he is able to remember everything he needs to know for Tae Kwon Do, the things he is learning with the leadership team at Tae Kwon Do, the pieces he is working on for his piano lessons, the piano pieces he is working on for fun, and is doing exceptionally well in school just boggles my mind!

There are more pictures from his grading that you can look at over here

I will make sure that Gareth sees any comments here :-)

Gareth wearing his new belt.